Paleo Crushed Tomato

Paleo Crushed Tomatoes Paleo Crushed Tomatoes

This sub recipe is excellent for adding flavour to many different types of dishes. Makes an excellent base for crock pot meals, or even adding it to soups and chillies can transfer the flavours to a whole new level. At the end of the entire process of making these crushed tomatoes, you can add different spices into the containers prior to freezing for future use in all kinds of recipes. In a few other recipes I have posted like tomato paste and tomato sauce this recipe is completely paleo diet friendly, as it is not sitting on a shelf with all of the preservatives.


20 pounds of overly ripe tomatoes
coarse sea salt to taste
Optional: Any spice you personally may like to add.


  1. Depending on how ripe the tomatoes are par boiling them may not be needed. If the tomatoes are very soft with little firm spots using a pairing knife peel the skin off and squeezed out the seeds. Then cut out the stem side and then plopped them into the pot.
  2. If par boiling the tomatoes is needed, make an X cut into the base, the opposite of the stem side of the tomato. Fill a pot half way with water and bring to a boil. Place the tomatoes, stem side down into the water and boil for one to two minutes only. The tomatoes should be covered with water once you add them to the pot.
  3. Remove the tomatoes from the water and place in a bowl covered with plastic wrap or a lid and allow to cool. The skin should peel right off and may need a little help with a paring knife.
  4. Once cooled and skinned, grab the tomato firmly and squeeze out most of the seeds and discard. Then cut out stem out of the tomato. Place the rest of the tomato into the large pot. Do this with two thirds of the tomatoes.
  5. Put the remaining, skinned and stemmed tomatoes into a food processor, blend into a chunky consistency.
  6. Pour the blended tomatoes in with the whole tomatoes in the pot, add the coarse sea salt and boil. Natural juices will come from the whole tomatoes and the meat will become tender. Continue to boil until reduced to about half.
  7. Allow to cool and pour into jars or, used plastic containers to freeze in the freezer.
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