Spicy Shrimp In A Paleo Marinade

Spicy Shrimp In Paleo Marinade Spicy Shrimp In Paleo Marinade

Who needs store bought shrimp rings with watery cocktail sauce when you can make this simple, yet, full of more flavour spicy marinade. The coconut aminos and healthy cooking fats for a savory base, Sriracha and chili powder for heat, and a spoonful of honey is an optional add if you like your spice a little sweet. It is quite easy to get all that flavour from the oven to your mouth. whip up the marinade, throw the shrimp in to soak up the flavour, and then bake: It is a simple recipe that you can throw together for a fast appetizer, snack, lunch or dinner party tray.


1 lb. tiger shrimp, peeled and de-veined
2 tbsp. ghee
2 tbsp. olive oil
2 tbsp. honey, natural, raw (optional)
1 tbsp. coconut aminos
1 tsp. chili powder
1 tsp. smoked paprika
1 tsp. dried oregano
2 tsp. Sriracha sauce
4 garlic cloves, minced
Juice from half a lemon
2 tbsp. parsley, chopped
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


  1. Combine ghee, olive oil, coconut aminos, chili powder, smoked paprika, dried oregano, sriracha sauce, minced garlic, lemon juice, parsley and honey (optional) in a saucepan.
  2. Bring to a boil, then lower to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes.
  3. Remove from the heat, season to taste with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper, and let cool.
  4. When the sauce is cooled, combine with the shrimp in a bowl and toss until well coated. Cover and refrigerate for 4 to 12 hours.
  5. Preheat your oven to 400 F
  6. Place the shrimp on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes + 4 hours
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Number of Servings: 2

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